Insight Demonstrating How the Jiva/InterQual Connect Integration Allows Automation of Authorization Requests That Require Medical Review


Jiva—the first population health management (PHM) platform in the industry to offer complete integration with InterQual Connect—saves you time, hassle, and money by allowing the automation of authorization requests that require medical review.

With InterQual Connect Medical Review Service integrated into Jiva via the proprietary Sentinel Rule Engine (SRE), near real-time automated authorization decisions from within a single platform are finally a reality.

Download this data sheet to learn how Jiva delivers:

  • InterQual Connect Medical Review Service integrated in the core Jiva platform and Provider Portal.
  • Connectivity between providers’ existing utilization management and care management workflows and the Jiva PHM platform through the InterQual Connect Authorization Gateway.
  • Automation of authorization requests using the SRE engine to leverage both clinical and business rules.