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The Social Determinants of Health: Improving Population Health with Data-Driven Insights

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As much as 80% of a person’s health is determined by the social and economic conditions of their homes and communities, their Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). Healthcare organizations pursuing value-based care must go beyond standard claims and medical data and integrate data sources that measure SDOH to effectively treat the whole person.

Establishing interventions for high-risk populations starts with identifying the most critical needs. Leveraging demographic and economic data is the foundation for addressing social determinants, but most organizations are working with an incomplete picture at best.

In our latest white paper, co-authored with the Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE), we present a new approach to improving population health outcomes by applying public and proprietary data sources to the identification and addressing of SDOH needs.

In this white paper you’ll read about:

  • Why SDOH are important to population health management
  • What public data sources are available to address SDOH
  • What conditions are commonly affected by SDOH
  • How ZeOmega can help you apply SDOH data to your population health strategy

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