ZeOmega Completes Successful 2011 with Strong Revenue Growth and Expanded Client Base

New product offerings and capital investment drive growth for 2012

FRISCO – Texas March 13, 2012
ZeOmega Inc., the premier provider of software solutions for collaborative care management, today released its 2011 performance results, which included several milestones that underscore its position as a leading provider in population healthcare management software. Highlights of the performance results include strong revenue growth, new client wins, expansion of employee infrastructure, and Series A funding to support increased hiring, product investments and marketing.

Expanded Market Presence

2011 was a banner year for ZeOmega in terms of market acceptance and penetration, and financial and corporate growth. “We have made significant strides with healthcare organizations as both payers and providers are selecting Jiva™ for their population healthcare management needs,” said Sam Rangaswamy, founder and CEO of ZeOmega. “Indicative of this and our reputation for successful implementations, our client base of health plans has increased by 500 percent since 2009, with recent successful implementations at two health plans in the fourth quarter of 2011, and several others on track to go live by mid 2012.”

Rangaswamy also indicated that integrated delivery systems and other health systems are also seeing the value of Jiva™, as the product is being selected frequently for deploying collaborative care models.

Enhanced Product Offerings

ZeOmega unveiled several enhancements to the Jiva product offerings, including value based analytics and automation packages that enable clients to use analytics in real time to streamline their workflows for specific needs such as identification of diseases and gaps in care, as well as wellness and preventive care. ZeOmega also unveiled significant enhancements to its rules engine that now enable clients to codify a wide range of clinical, regulatory, financial ,and administrative criteria into business rules to streamline their services.

Strong Financial Performance

ZeOmega’s 2011 revenues grew more than 60 percent from 2010, continuing its tradition of strong, well-managed growth over the last decade. In preparation for continued growth, ZeOmega secured Series A funding from BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, L.P. and Sandbox Industries. This investment will support ZeOmega in its growth initiatives, which include ongoing product development and marketing of its care management software, Jiva™.

Expansion of Human Resources and Infrastructure

In order to support growth of its customer base and maintain its reputation for excellent service, ZeOmega successfully increased the size of its team by almost 40 percent from 2010 to 2011.

“Growth in human capital is an important area of focus for us at ZeOmega,” said Rangaswamy. “We are cognizant of the challenges of expanding the workforce and the strain it can place on the delivery of quality products and services”. As a result, our team development is based on a rigorous recruiting and training framework that ensures a high quality workforce.

“ZeOmega has a strong reputation of reliable implementations backed by high quality service that is focused on customer satisfaction,” Rangaswamy continued. “We are pleased to note that we are able to manage our growth and reinforce our reputation for service.”

ZeOmega also made significant investments in upgrades to its IT infrastructure for its SaaS offerings. ZeOmega entered into an agreement with SunGard Availability Services to provide Enterprise Cloud Services, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform that meets stringent industry standards for privacy, protection, data redundancy and disaster recovery. This platform will be used to deliver Jiva to ZeOmega’s SaaS clients.

About ZeOmega
Founded in 2001, ZeOmega is the premier provider of software solutions for Integrated Healthcare Management. The JivaTM suite of care management software, which includes EHRs, personalized care plans, decision support tools and portals, transforms traditional episodic-based care management into proactive and collaborative population healthcare management. Visit www.zeomega.com or call 214.618.9880 for more information.

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