Jiva Is First to Go Live with InterQual Connect Enabling Automation of Authorizations Requiring Medical Review

Providers and Health Plans Capitalize by Automating the Process and Completing Authorizations on a Single Platform

Plano, Texas – January 24, 2018 – ZeOmega®, a market leader in population health management (PHM) solutions, is partnering with Change Healthcare to transform utilization management (UM), by being the first organization to fully integrate InterQual Connect authorization connectivity and medical review service.

With InterQual Connect integrated into Jiva, the end-to-end PHM platform and Sentinel Rules Engine (SRE), from ZeOmega, near real-time automated authorization decisions from within a single platform are a reality. This industry-leading integration enables providers and health plans to benefit from a streamlined UM process that is more efficient, accurate, and exception-based.

Specifically, Jiva is currently the only PHM platform in the industry to offer complete integration with InterQual Connect to:

  1. Provide easier access to updated content and criteria through the cloud-based Medical Review Service available in the core Jiva platform and Provider Portal.
  2. Improve provider and health plan collaboration by establishing connectivity between providers’ existing UM and Care Management (CM) workflows and the Jiva PHM platform through the Authorization Gateway.
  3. Automate authorization requests submitted either through the Jiva Provider Portal or a provider’s UM/CM system, using the SRE engine to leverage both clinical and business rules.

“We are excited to deepen our relationship with ZeOmega by integrating InterQual Connect into Jiva,” says Nilo Mehrabian, Vice President of Product Management, Decision Support, at Change Healthcare. “This partnership represents our commitment to making UM more collaborative, connected, and efficient.”

The ZeOmega and Change Healthcare partnership allows providers and health plans to automate routine prior-authorization requests, allowing them to dedicate more attention to complex cases and shift from reactive to proactive care.

“Value-based care is driving a fundamental change in how health plans and providers collaborate,” says Sam Rangaswamy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ZeOmega. “Traditional UM is evolving from a reactive, medically necessary authorization process into a proactive, patient-centered conversation. Both the health plan and provider need to collaborate on overall patient outcomes and satisfaction using evidence-based clinical decision support. The InterQual Connect and Jiva integration enables healthcare organizations to do this effectively. We are pleased to be the first organization to currently and completely leverage InterQual Connect capabilities in addressing automation of authorizations requiring medical review.”

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