ZeOmega® Launches Jiva Opioid AI to Stem Drug Abuse Crisis

Solution helps identify more of the population at risk for opioid abuse faster and backs it up with a complete program for care management

PLANO, Texas – May 28, 2019 – ZeOmega, the nation’s leading provider of technology-enabled population health solutions, today announced the release of Jiva Opioid AI, an advanced solution for improving how health plans and other risk-bearing organizations identify and manage opioid abuse populations.

“We’re all painfully aware of the opioid crisis affecting this country,” said Sam Rangaswamy, Founder and CEO ZeOmega. “It destroys lives and it contributes to the out-of-control healthcare costs affecting everyone. Our goal with Jiva Opioid AI is to revolutionize the market’s ability to find and care for this population.”

Developed using an evidence-based, machine-learning algorithm, Jiva Opioid AI helps identify the full spectrum of opioid abuse cases and seamlessly guides patients into the most appropriate care management workflows. Unlike traditional approaches that rely on retrospective pharmacy claims, ZeOmega integrates social determinants of health and other non-claims data, helping to find at-risk individuals who don’t have any opioid prescriptions.

“During development, we tested the theory that many at-risk individuals haven’t been prescribed opioids, which – using traditional methods – would limit the ability to identify and manage the full population successfully,” said Pravin Pant, ZeOmega’s Senior Director for BI, Analytics, and Machine Learning. “In a study of nearly 400,000 individuals, we identified about 1,400 who had overdosed on opioids. Of those, we learned 55% had not been prescribed an opioid in the 12 months leading up to their overdoses. It’s a compelling data point. How can we be successful if we’re getting to less than half the population?”

Not only does Jiva Opioid AI integrate SDOH with claims and other data, it’s machine-learning nature means it’s constantly retraining to identify new overdose patterns. “That’s the beauty of AI, it gets smarter with every piece of data it consumes and it eliminates human bias that can skew results,” said Pant.

And Jiva Opioid AI integrates seamlessly with Jiva Care Management workflows, creating a complete solution for managing opioid populations.

“We’re incredibly proud of this solution,” said Rangaswamy, “We look forward to helping many clients improve outcomes and patient lives while delivering measurable reductions in the total cost of care.”

About ZeOmega
ZeOmega empowers health plans and other risk-bearing organizations with the industry’s leading technology for simplifying population health management. Founded in 2001, ZeOmega supports more than 30 million lives with utilization management, case management, disease management, and analytics capabilities across the Jiva platform. Clients experience workflow excellence and proven results thanks to the system’s stand-out integration capabilities, interoperability, superior clinical content, and powerful rules engine.

To learn more, visit www.zeomega.com

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