A Graphical Representation Showing how Jiva Helps Overcome LTSS Care Management Challenges


Managing members who need long-term services and supports (LTSS) is difficult. Many have disabilities or chronic conditions. Ages range from young to elderly, and often times, immobility or cognitive challenges add to care coordination complications.

This infographic illustrates how Jiva helps health plans overcome these challenges while keeping the lacework of LTSS caregivers—ranging from custodial home services to family—well connected and working as a single unit.

Download this infographic now to learn how Jiva:

  • Successfully navigates the entire LTSS life cycle.
  • Handles everything from eligibility and assessments to care plans, individual service plans, authorizations, and budget management.
  • Connects all members of the LTSS care team in real time.
  • Lowers costs while improving outcomes.