A Graphical Representation Showing how Jiva Meets Your Population Health Management, Provider Performance, and Quality Reporting Needs


Managing performance can be tricky. Annual reporting limits your ability to make timely improvements, and extra resources are needed to pull data and build reports. Take those and add on more challenges related to building custom measures for value-based contracts plus minimal payer-provider collaboration, and it becomes almost impossible to properly manage performance.

But with Jiva—the industry’s leading population health management platform—population health management, provider performance tracking, and quality reporting become easy.

Download this at-a-glance infographic to learn how Jiva can help your organization seamlessly manage:

Population Health:

  • Monitor performance on key clinical metrics for specific populations
  • Take timely interventions to improve member compliance

Provider Performance:

  • Track performance on key metrics for providers and provider groups
  • Create actions and collaborations to improve provider performance

Quality Reporting:

  • Accurately report on CMS and NCQA quality measures
  • Track and report on custom measures