A Graphical Representation Showing how Jiva Transforms the Client Experience


To help you understand exactly how Jiva integrates and aggregates crucial healthcare data from disparate sources to help clients enhance population health management (PHM), this quick and clear infographic illustrates how Jiva supports healthcare initiatives.

At a glance, you will easily understand how Jiva helps you:

  • Create assessments for personalized care plans.
  • Enhance care management workflow through automation.
  • Embrace multi-channel communications.
  • Measure performance (e.g., HEDIS, NCQA).
  • Streamline clinical content, identify complex cases, and achieve integrated care management.
  • Drive holistic, patient-centered care.

Download this infographic to learn how the modular and extensible design of Jiva transforms the client experience, providing all the solutions you need to advance care management today—and tomorrow.